Online First

Online First, the immediate online publication of selected accepted papers as soon as the authors have returned the corrected proofs.

As each paper is ready for publication, it will be published Online First. Contributions published Online First are citable by journal title and DOI. The production phase includes journal layout and quality assurance activities. When the next scheduled issue is complete, the Online First manuscript becomes part of that issue and will no longer appear on the Online First page.

Please cite appropriately when referencing.


COVID-19 as an Anthroponosis: Toward a Nonspeciesist Criminology of Human-to-Animal Pathogen Transmission Piers Beirne

Speciesism and the Wildlife Trade: Who gets Listed, Downlisted and Uplisted in CITES?  Alison Hutchinson, Nathan Stephens-Griffin, Tanya Wyatt

‘Once You Say the Word Gender, People Become Afraid’: The Consequences of the Gender Backlash in Education in Brasil Gisella Lopes Gomes Pinto Ferreira

Primatology, Green Criminology, and the Impacts of Science on the Non-Human World: A Debate from Japan  Kazutaka Hirose

Bjørn Kjetil Larsen, Karl Yngvar Dale, Atle Ødegård

Decriminalizing Domestic Violence and Fighting Prostitution Abolition: Lessons Learned From Canada’s Anti-Carceral Feminist Struggles, Gillian Balfour

Challenging Harmony to Save Nature? Environmental Activism and Ethics in Taiwan and Japan Laÿna Droz

Primary Prevention Policies to Face Domestic Violence against Women: Lessons from Australia to Brazil Thiago Pierobom de Ávila, Gisella Lopes Gomes Pinto Ferreira

A Civilianised Summary Power to Exclude: Perceptual Deterrence, Compliance and Legitimacy Clare Farmer

Why Criminalise Coercive Control? The Complicity f the Criminal Law in Punishing Women Through Furthering the Power of the State Sandra Walklate, Kate Fitz-Gibbon

Reproductive Coercion and Legal Recognition: Views of Domestic Violence Support Workers and Lawyers  Heather Douglas, Nicola Sheeran, Laura Tarzia