Online First

Online First, the immediate online publication of selected accepted papers as soon as the authors have returned the corrected proofs.

As each paper is ready for publication, it will be published Online First. Contributions published Online First are citable by journal title and DOI. The production phase includes journal layout and quality assurance activities. When the next scheduled issue is complete, the Online First manuscript becomes part of that issue and will no longer appear on the Online First page.

Please cite appropriately when referencing.


Motivations to enter the Police Profession in the Caribbean: Evidence from a Cohort of Jamaican Police Recruits  Wendell Codrington Wallace, Malisa Neptune-Figaro

Impact of a Community-Controlled Adult Literacy Campaign on Crime and Justice Outcomes in Remote Australian Aboriginal Communities  Jack Beetson, Pat Anderson, Sophia Lin, Frances Williamson, Rose Amazan, Bob Boughton, Stephen Morrell, Richard Taylor, Melanie Schwartz

Perceptions of Safety Among Taxi and Rideshare Service Patrons: Gender, Safekeeping And Responsibilisation
Bianca Fileborn, Elena Cama, Alison Young

Mapping Cyber-Enabled Crime: Understanding Police Investigations and Prosecutions of Cyberstalking
Brianna O'Shea, Nicole L. Asquith, Jeremy Prichard

The Experience of Safety, Harassment and Social Exclusion Among Male Clients of Sydney’s Medically Supervised Injecting Centre  George Dertadian, Stephen Tomsen

Law, Justice, and Indigenous Intergenerational Trauma—A Genealogy  David McCallum

Toward a Criminological Understanding of Financialization Jordi González Guzmán

Police and Vulnerability in Bail Decisions Danielle Hughes, Emma Colvin, Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron

‘It’s a Gendered Issue, 100 Per Cent’: How Tough Bail Laws Entrench Gender and Racial Inequality and Social Disadvantage Emma K Russell, Bree Carlton and Danielle Tyson

Green Criminology–Law Interdisciplinarity Towards Multispecies Justice: The Case of Wildlife Trafficking in Vietnam Alexandra McEwan, Emma L Turley

COVID-19 as an Anthroponosis: Toward a Nonspeciesist Criminology of Human-to-Animal Pathogen Transmission Piers Beirne