New Double Issue


A new issue of International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy has been published - Volume 11(1) 2022.

We are extremely pleased to be publishing another double issue with two special issues.

The first is a special issue on: Green Criminological Dialogues: Voices from Asia

Guest Editors Orika Komatsubara, David Rodríguez Goyes, Laÿna Droz and Tanya Wyatt bring together articles that detail the myriad of Asian knowledge traditions about environmental conflict, crime and harm and showcase the multi-disciplinary Asian scholars working on environmental crime around the world. It is hoped this issue will “open the door for readers (be they scholars or practitioners) to engage with the debates and collaborate in addressing instances of environmental degradation in Asia”.

The second special issue:  Beyond Cybercrime: New Perspectives on Crime, Harm and Digital Technologies extends criminological scholarship by examining how digital technologies are conceptualised within research on crime and (in)justice.  Guest editors Faith Gordon, Alyce McGovern, Chrissy Thompson and Mark A. Wood present contributions that broaden our theoretical and conceptual understandings of the technology–harm nexus and provide criminologists with new ways of moving beyond cybercrime.