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‘You’re Investing in People … It’s Not a Race. It’s Not a Rush’: Youth Care Worker Emotional Labour in Inner-City Neighbourhoods Across Canada Bilguundari Enkhtugs, Kevin Walby

Singular Purpose: Calculating the Degree of Ethno-Religious Over-representation in the US No-Fly List  Matteo Garofalo

Masculinities and the Lived Understandings of Bystander Responses to Everyday Violence  Stephen Tomsen

‘“She Tells Me I'm Pushy” is More Likely than the Man Directly Admitting to Being Pushy’: Practitioners’ Views on Screening and Assessing Risk of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence  Nicola Helps

Neo-Colonial Criminology 10 Years On: The Silence Continues   Antje Deckert

Counting and Accounting for Mental Health Related Deaths in England and Wales  David Baker, Marta Fidalgo, Lauren Harrison-Brant

The Theoretical Contributions of Asian Criminology in Reconstructing Criminology   Pin Yu, Jianhong Liu

Building a Panopticon Through Nodal Governance: Mass Surveillance and Plural Policing in China’s COVID-19 Lockdown  Qi Chen

Eating E.T.: Carnism and Speciesism  Ragnhild Sollund

Book Review: Shane Miller reviews American Exception: Empire and the Deep State by Aaron Good

Book Review: Lorenzo Natali reviews Unsaid: Analyzing Harmful Silences by Lois Presser 

Book Review: Ausma Bernot reviews Crisis Vision: Race and the Cultural Production of Surveillance by Torin Monahan