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International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Special Issue: Hidden Criminalisation—Punitiveness at the Edges: Guest Editors’ Introduction


This special issue had its origins in a workshop on criminal law and criminalisation which we co-convened, and our law schools co-hosted, in 2017. That workshop was the fourth in what has become an annual event in Australia (starting with a Sydney Law School-hosted event in 2014 (see Crofts and Loughnan 2015)). These workshops came into being because of a recognised gap in the Australian scholarly environment: a place for criminalisation scholars to share, discuss and receive feedback on their work (see also Anthony and Croft 2017; Henderson 2016).

To access the full text of the guest editor's introducton to this special issue on 'Hidden Criminalisation—Punitiveness at the Edges', download the accompanying PDF file.

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Author Biography

University of New South Wales
Australia Australia

Professor Luke McNamara is Co-Director of the Centre for Crime, Law and Justice, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, Australia. His current research examines the patterns, drivers, modalities and effects of criminalisation as a public policy tool, with a focus on regulation of behaviours and activities in public places.

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