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International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Realist Criminology, the New Aetiological Crisis and the Crime Drop


This paper aims to provide a summary of some of the key issues outlined in my recent publication Realist Criminology (2014a). It discusses, in particular, the perceived deficiencies of both mainstream and critical criminology in relation to their explanations of the crime drop. It argues that the failure of criminologists to provide a convincing and plausible explanation of the recent decrease in recorded crime in Britain, North America and other countries has resulted in a new aetiological crisis. It is suggested that the failure to explain what is arguably the most significant development in relation to crime in living memory is no accident, but rather a function of the theoretical and methodological inadequacies that are prevalent in academic criminology.

Pages:2 to 11
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University of Kent School of sociology, Social Policy and Social Research Canterbury Kent CB27NF
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Professor of Criminology

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