Islamophobia and Crime – Anti-Muslim Demonising and Racialised Targeting: Guest Editor’s Introduction


This special issue deals with anti-Muslim racism, crime, criminalisation and attacks – both ideological and material – on Muslims and their communities in countries like Britain, Canada and Australia. A new spectre is haunting these places: an imagined ‘other’ is seen to be subversively spreading Muslim ‘extremism’ and exhorting anti-Western violence from within these societies, supporting global terrorism abroad and at home, and espousing hyperpatriarchal, homophobic and sexually exploitative culture. The ‘Muslim other’ has become the folk demon of our time in a racialising ideology that circulates internationally and has strikingly similar effects in quite different local contexts

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Published: 2015-10-05
Pages:1 to 3
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Poynting, S. (2015) “Islamophobia and Crime – Anti-Muslim Demonising and Racialised Targeting: Guest Editor’s Introduction”, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 4(3), pp. 1-3. doi: 10.5204/ijcjsd.v4i3.258.

Author Biography

Auckland University
 New Zealand
Professor Scott Poynting has a variety of research and teaching interests which include:
- Immigration, ethnicity, multiculturalism and racism
-‘Deviance’ and social control
-Class relations
He has co-authored, with Mike Donaldson, Ruling Class Men: Money, Sex, Power (Peter Lang, 2007); and with Greg Noble, Paul Tabar and Jock Collins, Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other (Institute of Criminology, 2004) and Kebabs, Kids, Cops and Crime: Youth, ethnicity and crime (Pluto Australia, 2000); and co-edited, with George Morgan, Outrageous! Moral panics in Australia (ACYS Publishing, 2007).