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How e-Waste Challenges Environmental Governance


This article examines how e-waste – waste from electronic and electrical equipment – poses a challenge for environmental governance. The amount of e-waste generated globally has been estimated to reach about 72 billion tons annually by 2017. This article discusses how e-waste challenges the control of illegal trade as well as the prevention of environmental harms. By focusing on the role of state, corporate and civil society actors, insights are gained into the strengths and limitations of the governance framework. These suggest the need for reflection about both practical and theoretical implications that arise for environmental governance.
Pages:81 to 85
Section: Articles
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Author Biography

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Ghent University
United States United States
Lieselot Bisschop is Assistant Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration. She is also a part-time research fellow at Ghent University Ghent University (Belgium). Her areas of interest and expertise include environmental crime, organizational crime, environmental governance and policing.