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International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Of Theory and Meaning in Green Criminology


In this article, I focus on green criminology’s relationship with theory with the aim of describing some of its animating features and offering some suggestions for green criminology’s further emergence. In so doing, I examine green criminology’s intra-disciplinary theoretical engagement and the notion of applying different meanings and interpretations to established theory. Following this, I explore green criminology’s interface with theories and ideas outside criminology – what I refer to as green criminology’s extra-disciplinary theoretical engagement. I conclude by suggesting that green criminology has shed light on the etiology of environmental crime and harm (including climate change), and that it will continue to illuminate not only how and why environmental crime and harm occurs, but also the meaning of such crime and harm.

Pages:21 to 34
Section: Articles


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Author Biography

Eastern Kentucky University
United States United States

Avi Brisman (MFA, JD, PhD) is Assistant Professor of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University. He is coeditor, with Nigel South, of the Routledge International Handbook of Green Criminology (2013), coeditor, with Nigel South and Rob White, of Environmental Crime and Social Conflict: Contemporary and Emerging Issues (Ashgate, 2015), and coauthor, with Nigel South, of Green Cultural Criminology: Constructions of Environmental Harm, Consumerism, and Resistance to Ecocide (Routledge, 2014).

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