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International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

The Politics of Hate Crime: Neoliberal Vigilance, Vigilantism and the Question of Paedophilia


This article examines vigilantism and the question of hate crime. Broader shifts in penology have occurred in tandem with changes in the ways in which child sexual abuse has come to be understood. Using these shifts as a contextual backdrop, the article examines vigilance against the fear of crime where it manifests into vigilantism against real or perceived paedophiles. In doing so, the article attends to the politics of hate crime: namely, whether these actions belong within the confines of hate crime provisions or, alternatively, whether such provisions should expressly exclude the category of paedophilia. In its entirety, the article interrogates the dimensions of disgust associated with paedophilia, and explores issues arising from an alignment between paedophilia and hate crime.

Pages:68 to 80
Section: Articles


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Lecturer in Criminology, School of Social and Political Sciences
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