Revew Essay: Leanne Weber and Sharon Pickering (2011) 'Globalization and Borders: Death at the Global Frontier'

  • School of Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of New South Wales


This review essay combines the comments made by David Brown, Russell Hogg and Mark Finanne at the Crime, Justice and Social Democracy: 2nd International Conference July 2013, hosted by the Crime and Justice Research Centre, QUT Brisbane. It is followed by a reply by the two authors John Pratt and Anna Eriksson.
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Published: 2013-11-01
Pages:135 to 141
Section:Book Reviews
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Rowe, E., Walters, R. and Grewcock, M. (2013) “Revew Essay: Leanne Weber and Sharon Pickering (2011) ’Globalization and Borders: Death at the Global Frontier’”, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 2(3), pp. 135-141. doi: 10.5204/ijcjsd.v2i3.133.

Author Biographies

School of Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology
Elizabeth Rowe is a PhD Candidate in the School of Justice, Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Elizabeth also has a Bachelor of Justice (Honours 1) from QUT. Elizabeth research interests are immigration, asylum seeking and refugee politics in Australia, with her PhD dissertation examining the impact of the Australian public debate on refugees in the community.
Queensland University of Technology
Professor Reece Walters joined the School of Justice in 2011 and took up the position of Assistant Dean, Research for the Faculty of Law in early 2012. Prior to this he worked at the The Open University in England, University of Stirling in Scotland, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and LaTrobe University in Melbourne. He has undertaken various roles in research and managerial leadership, advocacy and strategic development.  Professor Walters’ research in eco crime and environmental justice; state violence and corporate crime has produced six books and over 100 papers and publications and earned him the Radzinowiz Prize in Criminology. Professor Walters has a number of qualifications including a BA Law, MA Criminological Studies (LTU),  PGCE Environmental Law and Management (Wales), Dip.Crim, (Melb), PhD (Well)

Michael Grewcock is a senior lecturer in the Law School, University of NSW. His research interests are in State Crime, Criminology, Criminal Law, Forced Migration and Border Policing, and Penology. He is author of Border Crimes: Australia's War on Illicit Migrants (2009) Institute of Criminology Press, Sydney, and is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading experts of border control and migration. He is a member of the Editorial Board of State Crime and the Editorial Advisory Group of the Howard Journal of Crime and Justice.