Masculinity. Sexuality and Hate-Motivated Violence: The Case of Darren

  • University of Keele Queensland University of Technology
     United Kingdom


In this paper I use the case study of Darren, derived from two interviews in a research study of racism in the city of Stoke, UK (Gadd, Dixon and Jefferson 2005; Gadd and Dixon 2011), to explore how best to approach the topic of hate-motivated violence. This entails discussing the relationships among racism (the original object of study), hate-motivated violence (the more general term) and prejudices of various sorts. Because that discussion, I argue, justifies a psychoanalytic starting point, and since violence has become, almost quintessentially, masculine, this leads on to an exploration of what can be learnt from psychoanalysis about the relations among sexuality, masculinity, hatred and violence. This involves brief discussions of some key psychoanalytic terms, but only what is needed to enable sense to be made of my chosen case, which I shall then interrogate using these psychoanalytic ideas, focused on understanding the origins and nature of Darren’s hatred.

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Published: 2013-11-01
Pages:3 to 14
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Jefferson, T. (2013) “Masculinity. Sexuality and Hate-Motivated Violence: The Case of Darren”, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 2(3), pp. 3-14. doi: 10.5204/ijcjsd.v2i3.119.

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University of Keele Queensland University of Technology
 United Kingdom
Tony Jefferson is currently an Adjunct Professor in the School of Justice, QUT, and an Emeritus Professor from the University of Keele. Emeritus Professor Tony Jefferson is a world leading scholar in criminology and sociology. He has an outstanding record of distinguished academic achievement and awards. He started his career in the early 1970s at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham University where he co-wrote “Resistance Through Rituals”, which is still in print and regarded as one of the most important contributions to the field of criminology. Tony Jefferson then co-authored another classic: Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State and Law and Order, which has been reprinted many times and is widely regarded as one of quintessential texts in the field of criminology. The last ten years of his career was spent at the Department of Criminology, University of Keele. He has been a distinguished scholar invited to many universities in the UK and the US. He has received ESRC research awards, rated outstanding, been an editor on many international journals and brings with him a vast array of international research networks. Professor Tony Jefferson has been a visiting professor in a number of established universities around the world including the University of Bremen Germany, City University of New York and University of Western Sydney Australia. In addition, he was a keynote speaker at the 2nd International Crime, Justice and Social Democracy conference hosted by the School of Justice from 8-11 July 2013