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International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Toxic State–Corporate Crimes, Neo-liberalism and Green Criminology: The Hazards and Legacies of the Oil, Chemical and Mineral Industries


This paper uses examples from the history and practices of multi-national and large companies in the oil, chemical and asbestos industries to examine their legal and illegal despoiling and destruction of the environment and impact on human and non-human life. The discussion draws on the literature on green criminology and state-corporate crime and considers measures and arrangements that might mitigate or prevent such damaging acts. This paper is part of ongoing work on green criminology and crimes of the economy. It places these actions and crimes in the context of a global neo-liberal economic system and considers and critiques the distorting impact of the GDP model of ‘economic health’ and its consequences for the environment.

Pages:12 to 26
Section: Articles


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Author Biographies

Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero is the Director of the Crime and Conflict Centre at Middlesex University, U.K.  He has an envious record of distinguished  achievement arising from a life-long contribution to criminology, mostly in Europe.  He has editorial board memberships on 11 Journals, including internationally distinguished journals such as Capital and Class; The Open Criminology Journal; Criminologia; and Critical Criminology.

Vincenzo’s interest in criminology began in the 1970s as a political activist who, with others, created a magazine devoted to crime and punishment spurned by prisoner’s riots. Vincenzo’s contributions to criminology include 23 sole authored books on a range of topics, from Penal Abolitionism; Movements in the City, Conflict in the European Metropolis; Eurodrugs, Drug Use, Markets and Trafficking  In Europe; Crime and Literature: Sociology of Deviance and Fiction and his forthcoming book on The Crimes of the Economy. Many of his publications in journals have been published in multiple languages including English.

University of Essex, Londong
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Professor Nigel South, is Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Essex.

He has previously served on the editorial boards of Sociology, The International Journal of Drug Policy, and The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, and continues to serve on the board of Critical Criminology and as an Associate Editor of the USA journal, Deviant Behavior. He is currently an Adjunct Professor, School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. Nigel's research interests include: green criminology, crimes against the environment, drug use and markets, theoretical and comparative criminology, environmental and human rights and the concept of ecocide, resource wars; the commodification of water, cultural criminology and the consumption and waste. His books include:N. South and A. Brisman (eds) The International Handbook of Green Criminology, Routledge; 2010, V. Ruggiero and N. South (eds) 'Green Criminology' special issue of Critical Criminology; 2009, Criminology: A Sociological Introduction 2nd edition, (with E. Carrabine, P. Cox, M. Lee and K. Plummer),   Routledge; 2007, P. Beirne and N, South (eds) Issues in Green Criminology: Confronting Harms against Enviironments, Humanity and Other Animals, Willan; 2006, N. South and P. Beirne (eds) Green Criminology, Dartmouth; 2004, R. Coomber and N. South (eds) Drug Use and Cultural Contexts - Beyond the West, Free Association Books; 2002, E. Carrabine, P. Cox, M. Lee and N. South, Crime in Modern Britain, Oxford University Press; 1999, N. South (ed.) Drugs: Cultures, Controls and Everyday Life, Sage; V. Ruggiero, N. South and I. Taylor (eds) The New European Criminology, Routledge; 1998, P. Berine and N. South (eds) For a Green Criminology, a special issue of Theoretical Criminology, Sage; 1998, R. Weiss and N. South (eds) Comparing Prison Systems, Gordon and Breach / Routledge; Earlier works include N. South, 1988, Policing for Profit, Sage; N. South and V. Ruggiero, 1995, Eurodrugs: Drug Use, Markets and Trafficking in Europe, UCL Press; N. Dorn, K Murji and N. South, 1992, Traffickers: Drug Markets and Law Enforcement, Routledge; and N. Dorn and N. South (eds.) 1997, A Land Fit for Heroin? Drug Policies, Prevention and Practice, Macmillan

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