Perceptions of Governmental and Nongovernmental Actors of Human Trafficking Victims: The Case of Vietnam


This article explores how governmental and nongovernmental actors perceive victims of human trafficking in Vietnam. This research utilises a qualitative design, drawing on data from 30 in-depth interviews with police officials from eight study sites and two nongovernmental organisations. Findings identify that some victims of human trafficking do not fit the traditional victim images of this crime, including trafficked men for sex tourism, forced labour, organ removal, sex workers, migrants in search of seasonal employment and girls with high education levels. Implications for policies and practice are suggested from these findings.

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Published: 2021-06-01
Pages:127 to 139
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Nguyen, O., & Le, T. (2021). Perceptions of Governmental and Nongovernmental Actors of Human Trafficking Victims: The Case of Vietnam. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 10(2), 127-139.

Author Biographies

People's Police Academy
 Viet Nam

Dr Oanh Nguyen has ten years experience in teaching and researching organized crimes, human trafficking, people smuggling, and prevention and investigation of crimes in the People’s Police Academy, Ministry of Public Security, Vietnam. Specific interests: juvenile justice, online (child) sexual abuses, trafficking in persons, migrant workers, trafficking in the area of labor export and marriage, (child) sex trafficking, organ trafficking, labor trafficking, illegal immigration of ethnic minorities, high-tech crimes, and (transnational) organized crimes. 

People's Police Academy
 Viet Nam

Dr Toi Tan Le is a senior researcher. Main areas of research: (transnational) organised crimes, national security, human trafficking, cyber crimes, and sexual abuses.