The Safety of Women and Girls in Educational Settings: A Global Overview and Suggestions for Policy Change


Safety in educational settings is a barrier to equality for women and girls. This article highlights four key areas that perpetuate inequality in education for women and girls, and that contribute to a worldwide lack of safety in educational settings for women and girls: cultural norms, societal norms, sexual assault and sexual harassment. All four areas form part of a social–structural condition that underpins a world in which women and girls experience violence and an economic and social inequality that contributes to their lack of safety in educational settings. Several solutions are proposed to combat this. To improve the life outcomes of women and girls, we must invest in approaches that empower and educate them in safe environments. In doing so, we must also ensure that such approaches are holistic and intersectional.

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Published: 2020-02-24
Pages:31 to 41
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Middle Georgia State University
 United States

Elaina Behounek, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Middle Georgia State University. Dr. Behounek studies gender-based violence, fear of crime, and educational inequality. When Dr. B is not in the classroom, or prepping for class, you can find her in the woods hiking or biking.