Zikhali, Whitehead

National University of Science and Technology


Dr Whitehead Zikhali is a Zimbabwean Social Scientist, currently working for United Nations in Sudan as the Information Analyst, Research and Reports Officer. He has over the years, researched and lectured variously at Colleges and Universities in Zimbabwe. He worked for United Nations Secretariat in New York as the Mission Manager (2007-2011), responsible for giving strategic advice to the UN field missions and the Secretariat Senior Leadership. He has also consulted variously for SADC in areas of Peace and Conflict, Gender mainstreaming, Poverty reduction Strategies, Community Development and Peace and Security. Dr Whitehead Zikhali graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a Diploma and B.Ed. Adult Education. He also graduated with an MSc in Policy Studies from the Universities of Zimbabwe and Fort Hare, a regional programme accredited by the two Institutions. He earned his PhD in Development Studies from the University of Fort Hare in South Africa. Dr Whitehead Zikhali ’s PhD focuses on “Women in Organizational Management in Zimbabwe: Theory and Practice”, converted and published into a book by Lambert publishers in Germany. He is a renowned scholar who has published papers in peer reviewed journals and two books. His research interests include natural resources management, rural development, livelihoods, human development, Gender equality, Peace and conflict and capacity building.