Watts, Rob



Rob Watts is currently Professor of Social Policy and Discipline Director, Social Sciences at RMIT University. Like many of his colleagues in the School of Global studies Social Science and Planning, he believes it is important that university teachers aim to be good teachers, maintain an active research and writing program and engage with the community - provided they are able and willing to sleep fast. He is passionate about the music of J.S. Bach, cycling and his many grandchildren.

Rob’s work as a teacher and a writer has been driven by deep intellectual curiosity and a desire to make better sense of how humans can both understand themselves and their world better so that all may lead flourishing lives. This has led to a necessarily interdisciplinary approach to his research work and a willingness to teach across any number of disciplinary and intellectual traditions. Cowardice, laziness and a persistent capacity to either deny the obvious or flee into fantasies of one sort or another are the only obstacles to this program. That modern universities, governments, the corporate sector (including the mass media) and the community sector all provide examples of both the possibilities and the constraints on thinking better and doing better provide a constant source of provocation for all his work.